Day #2, #3 and #4 of Giving Challenge.

by kajudkins

Day #2:


Vegan Raw Brownie.

Vegan brownies to best friend in world!

I was inspired by my friend Angela (owner of Goldenrod pastries) to practice a “random act of pastry.” Sweet! The idea is to practice random acts of kindness (in any form) but her preference is pastry. The hope is to of brighten someone’s day…Which is almost a done deal because who doesn’t like to get pastries? Maybe not everyone but I am not talking about them right now, perhaps frequent flyer miles are their thing…Anyway, my friend Megan eats a vegan diet and rarely gets baked goods…so who better than to gift pastries to than her? The only pickle is that I am 1,800 miles away. Fortunately for me, our mutual friend, Erin, from middle/high school happens to run a baking business Tinka&Babinka.  I sent her Angela’s blog, it is there that Erin found a recipe for Raw vegan brownies (THE recipe!) and made them. Erin personally delivered them (because that is how she rolls…) to Megan at work with the below note. I love the e-communication that occurred during this deal. And Megan loved the brownies. win-win. win-win-win.

paperSUPER on many a level.

Day #3: Gave “Whole Foods blue sweatshirt” to my mentee at work. Last year our store did a fundraising campaign for teh Whole Planet Foundation (which provides micro-credit loans to impoverished women so they can start their own small business) and I was in the top #5 so I got a brandy spankin’ new sweatshirt! YEE HAW! I do love work clothing as it is one less article of clothing I must acquire on my own. I had yet to wear mine. Desiree has spoken longingly for a WFM sweatshirt of her very own but she didn’t raise enough money to get one. So I gave her mine. Desiree deserves a “prize.” During our second fundraising campaign she rocked it (alas, no sweatshirt option, though). We are currently fundraising for the Lincoln Food Bank for their back-pack program and she has a mission of sorts to rock-in accordingly. This post has a whole lot of links….

Day #4: I gave my roommates dog, Wally, a walk. He is very afraid of the wind and it is quite windy out (as I type he sits on the floor at my feet). We walked anyway, he did really well because his desire to go for a walk trumped his fear of the wind. Wally has a lot of fears but at least this one doesn’t keep him from doing what he loves 🙂


Wally with his bone.

The sharing of resources that occurred with the the brownies was pretty fab. The internet provides so many opportunities to connect people who otherwise would never connect. I also like to support people’s projects and Angela and Erin are really operating some quality business’  Desiree is also fab just for the person that she is. Her greatness frequently gets over-looked though as she is extremely quiet and not one to boast about her accomplishments. Part of my job as a person in her life and (specifically) her mentor is to help her greatness…play out. Partially in ways that are noticeable to other people. She understands that the important part is her intrinsic motivation and abilities though – during a brainstorm session on how to raise funds for the campaign she quickly informed me that she wanted to do well in the campaigns “for her” and prizes or other external motivations wouldn’t work. I was impressed with her self-awareness and could totally work with that. As for Wally, he’s great, and we will probably walk again tomorrow.

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