by kajudkins

I’m a bit tripped out right now. I am in the process of working through my fears of scarcity (through the 29-day Giving challenge and simply being aware of this belief that is no longer serving me) and my general money obsession. I checked my bank account balance because I ordered a book about becoming money positive…and my balance ONLY consists of the number 3’s and a 1 & a 2. 3’s and 1+2 = 3. I, of course, Googled “the significance of the number 3” here is what I found…

“The symbol of the triad or trinity…can be understood as a key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence.”

“The number three is used in the Torah to mediate between two opposing or contradictory values. The third value mediates, reconciles, and connects the two. Three is the number of truth…

******** “The 3 and 2 combination is a message that the Ascended Masters are working with you as co-creators of your new project. Your angels are busy setting up opportunities in which you will flourish. They want you to know that everything will work out well for you. Enjoy this new phase in your life.” ****** Ahhhhhh!

Interdependence (we are all connected) meditating on two opposing values – I have enough I do not have enough – and three connects those two ways of thinking to get to the truth: I have always had/will always have enough/I have as much as I will receive/I have what I deserve/I deserve abundance and so on.

I have a choice, I am to rest in a comfortable spot with my finances and either eliminate my fear and become OKAY with how my finances are and not change anything. OR eliminate my fear and become okay with how my finances are and expand and fine tune my idea of what I truly want, expand my idea of what I deserve/would like to acquire in my life to accomplish what I want to accomplish to be my best self.

And finally, the Universe is working on my project. My angels are busy!! I must have some trust and try to have fun!

Hmmmmm….Message much?