#12, #13 #14 & #15

by kajudkins


These are not the ornaments. purely for effect.

#12: I gave yard ornaments to my roommate. My neighbor was giving them/throwing them away. I had them in my room as though I as going to DO SOMETHING with them. No, they are yard ornaments meant for a yard not my room. My housemate liked them so they will go in the yard!

#13. I gave my time and my voice (literally). My friend David and I read a play he had written on the brand new KZUM  radio show “Platte River Sampler.” David and I had performed this piece before but it did undergo some changes as we had never done it over the radio. It went really well and Phil was happy with it. I do not know when it will air but I will add the link to the Podcast when it does. This is the play although I believe I enjoy the radio version better.


The Lions club takes old glasses. Surely your Eye Doctor would know of places to donate your glasses.

#14. Donated my old glasses. I have had these gently used glasses for 5 years! This challenge gave me an excuse to drive way south to my eye doctor and finally pass them on to someone who needs them! I have another pair that I no longer wear and I intend to put them in my car and drop them at my Eye Doctors the next time I am in the area. Giving prompts other giving.

#15. Gave *Celebration* coffee beans and water bottle to co-worker. Water bottle was brand new and I got it from work. I have NO need for another water bottle but I took it (reminder to self: do not take things you know you will not use even if for a SECOND you think “ohhhh okay, I guess I’ll use it…” because no, no you will not!) It has sat in my room for 2 months. I brought it to work and left a note that said “If you want this take it!!” A new Team Member was happy to take it home.

The coffee beans were an unexpected gift. A small bag was on crazy sale so I bought a couple bags…as I chatted with a co-worker I realized, I need to give her this coffee…So I did…and a rather strange thing happened, she appeared to get angry with me and insisted I keep the beans. I gave her my receipt and said “I bought these for gifts. It was $3. Take it.” And she calmed down, said thank you, and put the coffee with her other things.

This woman and myself get along but we haven’t really connected and we have been working together for almost 11 months. She can be difficult to connect with but this didn’t became clear to me until she reacted to me giving her coffee beans. I don’t think she thinks she is worthy of a gift from a co-worker…for no apparent reason…It is possible she doesn’t believe she is worthy of a gift.

She took it though and said thank you. Both of our hearts opened. I believe that everyone on this planet is worthy simply because as an inhabitant of this earth we/they (that would be all people, animals, trees etc) deserve kind treatment and love. Unfortunately, this is a tall order, I know, but it is what I believe. This belief is tested when I meet people who make it uncomfortable to be kind to them. It is my job (both as a person and in my for-pay work) to figure out how to offer kindness and love to a person who won’t easily receive it…in a way that is not me forcing it upon them.

I am reading the book “tiny, beautiful, things.” The author worked with female youth and she said it was her job to practice “unconditional positive regard” with them. According to Wiki, Unconditional positive regard is “a concept developed by the humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers, the basic acceptance and support of a person regardless of what the person says or does…”

Good practice.