In the spirit of the time anyone have any Thanksgiving gems to share?

by kajudkins

Hi everyone! In the spirit of the time anyone have any Thanksgiving gems to share?

This time of year astrologically, energetically and out to habit fosters giving, loving, receiving, abundance and of course eating lots of food…It also fosters the desire to look back on the past years and reflect on the good and the bad and the different. I haven’t always acknowledged the good side of this holiday…

A week before Thanksgiving of 2004 I went vegan (I had soup and potatoes for the celebration, my family feared what I would do next…) 2005 I spent Thanksgiving in London so I cared less about the day and then I worked 2006 & 07. Both because I was money hungry and no one else wanted to work it…I believed celebrating Thanksgiving was a thing of my past…

But…from 2008-present I have been w/my Nebraska friends in the country enjoying a vegan/non-vegan feast. Through this I have learned to love Thanksgiving for the good it represents and not to despise it for the mess that it originally celebrates (invasion, sickness, death) and a (typically) inhumane massive slaughter of turkeys following by 36 hours of absolutely insane shopping – if you can call it that. Which is why from mid 2005-2008ish I had absolutely NO interest in Thanksgiving.

The peace I have made with this holiday, pre and post the actual day, is pretty radical though. I saw on a church sign today “Thanksgiving is Thanksliving.” I agree with this completely. Thanksgiving, at it’s core is about being thankful and celebrating abundance, hopefully something to celebrate everyday in one’s life. Because of this I now love Thanksgiving. I have been able to see the many side of the holiday and while I haven’t forgotten the origins or stopped feeling sadness for the dark side of Thanksgiving, I have learned to appreciate what I consider great about the day.

My question to ya’ll: How do we balance the “bad” with the “good?” Anyone, thoughts? experiences?

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My attempt: On Wednesday night I had said vegan and non-vegan feast with friends. On Thursday I received double pay at work (I volunteered to, those who wanted to enjoy the morning with their friends and family had the freedom to do so, definite plus) and I watched movies with friends at night.

As for Black Friday- I heard on the radio that the excessive spending and shopping insanity that occurs on Black Friday may actually DECREASE the amount we spend during the entire year because we save it for this day!! In this new attempt to curb consumerism the other 364 days of the year, instead of celebrating “Black Friday/Buy nothing day” by buying nothing I purchased a book of stamps and some coffee. Big spender Karen…We will see how I feel about it next year (this isn’t even getting into the aggressive shopping and any injuries that we will hear about sooner due to crazed shoppers in department store freak outs…).

**I would love to read what some of ya’ll do to balance your feelings on this holiday (if you have mixed feelings at all…) and/or what you do to make your Thanksgiving special, even if it is spending it with a cat or eating at golden coral….! I am thankful for ya’ll!**

  To practice “Thank-living” I want to give THANKS to you for taking the time to read this post. I hope ya’ll are enjoyin’ your ho-ho-holidays. Shopping? Still stuffed from the last few day and can barely keep your eyes open? If you get a moment, please visit and “Like” my “Listen” Facebook page: Listen207   Thank you!