by kajudkins

#20. I gave almond milk. I have a weakness for a sale. Last time almond milk was on sale I bought about 15 boxes. No one needs that much almond milk so I gave 5 to a friend of mine. She thanks me for it every time I see her.

My day: I find out I am nominated for Team Member of the year at work *I did not end up getting this, but that is okay!* and that I was accepted to GRADUATE SCHOOL…


photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

#21. My mother, three friends and I scrapped together $180 to Sponsor a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary. Tofurky generously matched the donation so $180 turned into $360!!! I am so grateful to those who pitched in! I was hoping for as many contributors as possible…I was not anticipating Tofurky being one of those contributors! 🙂

#22. I gave $ to a friend through GoFundMe. My friend’s cat, Phoebe, ate a lily on Sunday and has been at the vet ever since. They weren’t sure if Phoebe was going to make it. Good news: She is improving, bad news: they have estimated $5,000 in vet bills! Rachel and Jen are fundraising to cove expenses and any excess money they raise will go to a local shelter. If you would like to help Phoebe go to Phoebe’s fund page I obviously love cats and dearly hope that Phoebe makes a speedy recovery. There sure is an animal theme here…*update, Phoebe is doing great!!!*


This isn’t one of the actual dogs…but darnit look at cute this Chiweenie is!

#24. I gave pet-sitting! When I started to do the Giving Challenge I decided that the first person to ask me to pet-sit would get this service for free. This would be regardless of what the animal is, who is was for and for how many days (yikes!!!) I had decided I would do it and that it would be good for me! Shortly after this decision my friend Vicky contacted me. She is going away for the weekend and needs someone to watch her dogs. Super simple dogs, a bit dramatic at times, but they are very easy to get along with and are very small (so you can pick em’ up at any moment, it is impossible for them to pull the leash, etc.).

When I told Vicky that I was giving this service she replied that she was very thankful, she felt I was already doing it for free (because my rate is so low) and that she would happily pay more. It got me seriously considering upping my rate (only $5/day but $5 is $5!) and accepting that my time and care for a person’s animal and house are worthy of this additional compensation.

Shortly after this another friend asked if I could watch her cat and house over Thanksgiving. So I will be cat-sitting a couple of days after I am done at Vicky’s.

I believe the idea that abundance attracts more abundance, the idea that we get back all that we put out there (and more sometimes) is so true. I “give” away pet-sitting to a woman who then encourages me to increase my rate – knowing full well that that means she may pay more next time I pet-sit her dogs…and then I am asked to cat-sit for 5 days (for trade/pay)?? and we have a SWEET massage-trade so my pay-off is very high…