by kajudkins

#25. I gave…someone the opportunity to give…This one I am still on the fence about. I worked at a Holiday Market on Saturday and intended to gift my time (7 hours). My former “boss” refused. She said that she appreciated my help, my time and giving her the opportunity to share what she collected for the day. She told me my gift for the day was helping out. We had a pretty intense moment of “battle over giving” but she was sincere and I wasn’t going to fight.

I think, for her, the efforts I put into getting myself to the market (requested day off from usual day-job, woke up early on a Saturday, etc.) and selling her items were enough. She is appreciative of that in and of itself. She did not need my service to be free to feel like she had been given something.

We talked about scarcity and my money fears that I am working to over-come in general and through this challenge and after our discussion I felt…okay…about re-arranging my giving plan…


Portlandia episode “No Bags”

#26. Oops, I gave it again. So day #25’s “gift” didn’t have my full confidence in its legitimacy so I basically did it again. Sunday I worked from 7:30AM-6:30PM at my “day-job” (I came in early, oops!). I worked the 11 hours I was there (aside from 2 breaks). I know, and many of you may feel, that it is my job. It is what I am “supposed” to do. I believe this. I also believe that it is  my time and my energy. I was still giving something in the process. I attempted to be as patient, kind and as helpful as I could to my co-workers and customers even though it was busy, loud and generally crazy the entire time I was there. I started my day caring for aforementioned two dogs and they were adequately attended to in my absence because I have an awesome pet-sitting “partner” and I continued working for others until 6:30.

Many people, arguably everyone, can sympathize with this. When I was finished with work and my pet-sitting deal, I was ready to eat, do nothing else and then go to bed. I had given all of my energy (energy that isn’t used pumping my heart and keeping me unconsciously breathing at least…!!) and I needed to re-boot: eat and sleep. I can get so caught up in doing things it doesn’t occur to me (see #25) that every act I participate in can be an act of giving.

This was a gentle reminder to continue to take care of myself whilst “giving” of myself to others. I have been learning over the years how to do this and I usually do a pretty good job. Typically when it comes to paid work is where I get out of hand. This, of course, is because I want to make as much money as possible. I can get over that thought. I will be taken care of, I will always have “enough.” See: my reasoning behind doing giving challenge to begin with!:)


Here is it!

#27. I gave an Advent Calendar!!! My best friend has a kid and every year I send him an Advent Calendar for Christmas. I know he loves getting mail and who doesn’t love getting (Fairly traded, Divine!!!) chocolate???

#28. I gave hugs. For real. Apparently we “need” at least 8 hugs! a day.

#29. I gave cranberries. Fresh, Maine cranberries! I used to work at a cranberry farm which basically guarantees me a lifetime supply of cranberries. My roommate needed some for his stuffing and I brought cranberry sauce to one of my Thanksgiving feasts. They were given to me and I gave them away.

#and the next day was Thanksgiving 🙂

Thank you for giving your time to read this post and any other posts about my Giving Challenge journey. It has been fun and I hope you are receiving the messages you need or are inspired to look elsewhere. If there is nothing else I leave you with please remember this: Try a fresh cranberry (fruit cake can’t take all of the holiday food frenzy attention!) As always, if you haven’t and would like to, please visit and “Like” my “Listen” Facebook page: Listen207   Thank you!