Let me tell you I am stoked that you visited as this is very new! Listen and Purr represents a service that I offer and my Sun sign. I operate a Listening Service and I am a Leo (I also love cats). Listen and Purr came to me when I was racking my brain over what to name my blog.

Listen” is the name of my budding business. My focus in life is primarily emotional, mental and physical wellness. I believe there are many ways to care for ourselves and each other. My major service I offer in this world is listening to those around me. I am open to listening to many different subjects. I find my major interests revolve around the subjects of sexuality (sexual health, sexual identity, sexual stigmas and so on), emotional and physical health, food (local/vegetarian/vegan) and relationships with the self and others. These are where my major interests lie

Purr” The second part of the title is a reference to cats! Cats are one of my favorite animals and my Sun sign is Leo the lion. I am a bit Astrology obsessed but by no means an expert. Astrology plays an important role in my life and to the person I have become/am in the process of becoming. I realize that sounds a bit dramatic but if you know anything about Leo’s we do not skimp on the drama! In all seriousness though the more I learn about Astrology the deeper my understanding of myself and of those around me becomes.

For now, Listen will revolve primarily around my experiences in listening to others and to myself. This will include addressing common themes I am hearing from people and what has worked for me in the past to address these issues or remedies I have read or heard about from others. The listen portion will also include music, photos and quotes that sooth the heart and soul.

Purr will revolve around Astrology. Fun tid bits about Sun signs and what is happening with the planets in the Universe! Listen and purr are closely tied and will commonly overlap. This is a new stop in my path and I am ready to see where this takes me!