When I was younger I used to read horoscopes and I did the occasional reading about my Sun sign. As the years went by the more into it I became. I was chatting so much about Leo’s that people around me started to ask about their own Sun sign. There was a bit of a problem here though as I only had something to say about Leos. Being a Leo, naturally I was only concerned with Leo material…and the further I read about Leos the less and less I enjoyed what I was reading.

Leo’s are, among other things: selfish and self-absorbed, dramatic at best drama queens at worst, shallow, superficial, materialistic and ego-maniacs. Not to mention bossy and vain. Phew, self-obsessed? egomaniacs??? It should be mentioned here that ANY of the signs of the Zodiac, at their worst can be really terrible, but I wasn’t interested in being a Leo at my worst! The more I learned about Leo’s the more invested I became in other signs for the simple reason that I didn’t want to be self (Leo) obsessed! My Astrological world really began to open up after that.

I have kept busy with Astrology ever since. It helps me attempt to make sense of other people, which is virtually impossible, and attempt to make sense of myself. In the process of learning about the Sun signs I find in easier to accept people as they are. Not because their Sun signs lays out an inevitable blueprint of their personality, but because I feel astrology helps to “explain” people’s behaviors. Whether the behavior is cruel or unacceptable is aside the point, the point is I can give someone a break because I believe their Sun sign affects and helps to shape their personality. I also believe that WE HAVE A CHOICE about how we deal with ourselves and can grow and change – more to come on that! Simple stated, learning about Astrology has helped me love myself and others!